Haenel HLR 338 Basic (DEMO)

The HLR Basic in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber with a retractable buttstock
and with muzzle brake as standard.

Demovapen, sparsamt använt. Kontakta oss för pris.


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Caliber 8,6 x 70 mm (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Twist   10″
Overall length  1148–1315 mm (adjustable buttstock)
Width   75 mm
Height  197 mm (without scope)
Barrel length   690 mm
Barrel diameter 22 mm
Muzzle break    3-chamber muzzle break
Weight  approx. 6,5 kg (without accessories)
Trigger 10–20 N (adjustable double stage trigger; adjustable in length,
pull and weight)
Magazine capacity       10 rounds
Safety  3 stages firing pin safety
Buttstock       adjustable M4 buttstock with adjustable cheek pad
Mounting bar / handguard        Integrated NAR rail (Weaver) / handguard with
NAR and M-Lok
Colours multi-coloured (sand and black)