Daniel Defense Delta 5 PRO


Godkänd för jakt i Sverige, ej vikbarkolv.

What does the most accurate sub $2500 production rifle in the world look
like? The DELTA 5 PRO is the product of innovation, world-class cold
hammer forged barrels, and the custom enhancements that elevate this
firearm to professional level. The DELTA 5 PRO in 6.5 Creedmoor delivers
the science of accuracy with a .5 SUB-MOA Guarantee.

Newcomers to long-range shooting, who seek camaraderie with friends,
will find immediate success getting on target with repeatable hits. More
experienced competitors will discover the DELTA 5 PRO’s rich feature set
out of the box, is more than capable of performing as the shooter’s
skill level advances.

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